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365 Project 2014, Week 10

m61Today was a lazy one, last night was a bit of a late one for the Smalls so we had a slow morning of cuddles and quiet play before heading over to English Folkfan’s for more birthday fun. We got a bit wet on the way home though as the heavens opened on us and Arthur’s umbrella skills are somewhat lacking – I carried him, he held the umbrella and we arrived home with me mostly dry and him looking like he’d taken a shower. And there are very few things Arthur hates more than getting his hair wet. (I love this photo – I think it gives us a bit of a flash forward to older, grumpy teen Artie!)

m62Finally some good weather! Arthur and I took full advantage and had a picnic in the park on our walk home from Pre-school at lunch time.

m63I still hate spellings. I’m just no good with small children – their ability to be able to write a letter perfectly one second and then claim not to know what it looks like the next drives me insane!

m64Tori’s hair has finally got long enough to do stuff with – and she’s finally stopped pulling clips and bobbles out two seconds after I put them in as well. She looked super cute this morning walking to school.

m65Our car Felix is currently out of action so English Folkfan and her car, Vera, came to our rescue on a soggy school run only an altercation with a kerb just before our house had somewhat explosive results today. SuperCaius to the rescue! (P.S. The Smalls have a thing for naming cars, we just go along with it…)

m66Tori’s school celebrated World Book Day today and she went in as Mike the Knight, complete with Gallahad the horse. Arthur briefly joined her as Sparkie the Dragon but that didn’t last long.

m67As it was sunny for a change, we headed for the park and the Smalls had a good run around together. Arthur wasn’t so sure about sharing this roundabout thingy with Tori, it was very funny.

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7 thoughts on “365 Project 2014, Week 10

  1. love your Mike The Knight and Sparkie outfits.
    homework is a pain in the bum full stop if you ask me (we have a project which we will have to do today, a sunday which i hate but no choice as it has to be in tomorrow!).
    I love your son’s hair what a gorgeous colour and i also found his expression in the last photo funny x


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