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365 Project 2014, Week 12

m80I am currently trying to get through the last of my 101 Things in 1001 Days challenges as my 1001 days run out on 8th April (seriously, where has that gone?!) and one of them was to ride more than 20km in one go. So today Caius and I headed up to the Tissington Trail in the Peak District and cycled from Ashbourne to Parsley Hay and back again – a grand total of 44km. This not only smashed my target but also somewhat broke my ‘furthest I have ever ridden a bike in one day’ which was previously the 20km ride in September’s triathlon.

m81When we got home last night we opened the sofa bed up to watch TV on because we were achey and wanted to stretch out – we left it open when we fell into bed and the kids discovered it the next morning much to their glee. They’d never seen it open before and christened it ‘Giant Sofa’.

m82After dropping Tori at school and Arthur at preschool today Caius and I decided to treat ourselves to a cooked breakfast, just because we could.

m83A pub in a village called Longdon-on-Tern rather unfortunately burned to the ground last night and Artie’s godfather was there on duty with the fireservice and needed a lift home. Much to Arthur’s glee, this meant that he got to look after Aunty Liam’s helmet all the way home. He had fun wearing it, trying out both visors and covering himself in very authentic fireman-smoke-smell.

m84This hangs in the hall at the bottom of our stairs and every time I see it, it makes me smile.

m85Since he turned three Arthur has gained an endless appetite that is very hard to keep up with. He is definitely a growing lad.

m86When Arthur wants to go out for lunch he often asks if we can go to ‘the Puppy’ which translates to the pub. Today we indulged his wish – this is his ‘where’s my food?’ face.

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