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365 Project 2014, Week 14

m94Today my parentcame round with some special cargo – my baby boy Gingerbread. He has been living with my sister for the last year or so because we hadn’t the space to keep him at our old flat but she has adopted a new dog and he rather fancied GB for lunch so we decided it would be fairer for everyone if we took GB on again now we are in our new house with more space for his hutch. I am very pleased to have him home.

m95Everyone loves Chinese duck pancakes and today I had a go at spicing my own duck and doing a homemade version. It weren’t half bad if I may say so myself.

96aIt was a bit nippy this evening so after dinner I opened a tin of rice pudding, spiced it up with some cinnamon and nutmeg and topped it with meringue, brown sugar and strawberry jam. Yum!

97aCaius, Aunty Liam and I had a grown-up night out and enjoyed the brewery tour put on monthly at our local brewery which is quite delightfully right on our doorstep.

98aI had quite long hair until today – time for a change!

99aGingerbread spent some time in his run outside today – he’s settled in well and is getting a bit more confident now. I am enjoying having a furry around again 🙂

100aIt was the Easter Market at our church in Wem today and my Mum & I ran a stall which was good fun. We all entered the competitions too and all came up trumps – Tori and Mum getting first in their categories (Bonnets & Cards respectively)  and Arthur and I getting third (Both cards) – Easter eggs all round!

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