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365 Project 2014, Week 15

101aWe enjoyed Sunday dinner at the puppy again today after the Smalls were really well behaved all day. Another successful trip with clean plates at the end and Arthur has even discovered that he likes ketchup and mayonnaise after bluntly refusing every type of sauce under sun ever since he started having an opinion on food. Yay!

102aMy Day Zero chellenge ends tomorrow so today I have finished the last book on my list, made a multitude of origami things and made fresh pasta from scratch for the first time ever – it was surprisingly easy and tasty. Even the Smalls ate it.

103aThe final day of my 1001 days and I rounded off the challenge by finishing the last of my 101 challenges – I made the last remaining recipe in Nick Coffer’s My Daddy Cooks book meaning I have now made every single one of the 100 recipes enclosed!

104aStill in the mood for home-cooking I made up a batch of pizza swirls for dinner which the Smalls loved – and now an early night I think as I’m exhausted and there’s a busy old weekend coming up.

105aBecause sometimes shop-bought cakes are just better. Hate the spelling ‘Donut’ though, much prefer ‘Doughnut’. But then I’m funny like that with spellings.

106aToday we picked Tori up from school then dropped her and Artie off at my parents’ for the weekend and headed down to my sister’s house in Stevenage. There we finally met her new rescue pup, Kew. He is looking a bit sorry for himself after losing a fight with a bramble but is very sweet.

107aTomorrow it is London Marathon day and today, as part of the volunteer team, we helped to set up the start area for the Mini Marathon ready for our very early start in the morning. My alarm is set for 4.15am – it’s going to be a long old day. Looking forward to it though 🙂

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