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365 Project 2014, Week 16

108aOnce again this year I had the honour of representing the volunteers of the Virgin Money London Marathon at the evening Awards Ceremony and as always seeing these people who had just a few hours ago run 26.2 miles faster than I can make and decorate 30 cupcakes was amazingly inspirational.

109aWe detoured on our way home to visit our friends and Caius’s dad for catch ups and I made friends with this pretty lady after stealing her chair and rather quickly becoming her cushion.

110aMore catching up today but this time with my blog – it’s the first time I’ve had my laptop open for days.

111aBeautiful sunshine today inspired me to wear a dress but I had to buy new shoes after walking to Liberty’s house and my old ones literally ripped me to bloody shreds – didn’t fancy our planned walk without buying some new footwear and I really quite like these comfy, cheap and cheerful ones I ended up with.

112aThe Smalls are home hello chaos…

113aCaius had the day off work today so we decided to enjoy the sunshine with the Smalls and headed off to visit Dearnford lake to stretch our legs and explore the walk around the lake. Having swum in this lake last year I can say I much prefer walk around the outside of it in the sunshine, even if Tori did refuse to remove her woolly bobble hat all day and ended up really suffering from the heat.

114aMy little girl is a reluctant writer most of the time so when today she told me and my Mum that she was going to do some colouring in we were amazed when she came back in clutching this poem she had written all by herself.

In translation:

‘Can a House eat a mouse,

Can a mouse eat a House,

Can a parrot eat a carrot standing on his head.

Can a carrot eat a parrot,

Can a dog eat a log,

Can a pillow eat a willow

Can a willow eat a pillow

Eat a pillow.’

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