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365 Project 2014, Week 17

115aI love Easter. Especially the part where we cover the bare cross in church with flowers during the service to symbolise the hope, new life and joy of the season. This year I got to have squishy cuddles with my beautiful new niece too which made it even better.

116aThe Big Spring Clean started here today and I’m pooped. With the Smalls visiting their Daddy, Caius and I are spending our evening watching How I Met Your Mother – we have nearly nearly nearly got to the end of the final season now so soon we can stop squinting at the internet in fear of spoilers every day once we know what happens!

117aDay two of the Big Spring Clean and the house is feeling and looking much better. Again making the most of our Small-free time, we decided to head to the Festival Drayton Centre to catch a film just because we could. Can’t beat a bit of moody Liam Neeson on a Tuesday night 😉

118aThe kids are home tonight and their rooms are all ready and waiting for their return. It has been a bit odd without them but I have appreciated how much I got done in the time they were away.

119aThe Smalls and I went for a walk this afternoon and wandering in the sunshine spotted lots of signs of springtime from Ladybirds to these beautiful Bluebells.

120aOne of Tori’s holiday homeworks is to make an alien spacecraft – now I *hate* this kind of thing because I have all the artistic talent of a dead flea so if it ends up looking anything like anything it will be a small miracle.

121aTori has been to her friend’s birthday party today and has just come home Hello Kitty-fied and is very pleased with these pencils in her party bag!


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14 thoughts on “365 Project 2014, Week 17

  1. Loving the face painting. It must have been strange without the kids but how nice to get some me time


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