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365 Project 2014, Week 18

122aToday was the Fordhall Organic Farm Spring Celebrations and the Smalls and I headed up there with English Folkfan for some farm fun in the sunshine. We met a few friends up there too which was lovely. (I blogged more about our day here on House of Blog.)

123aThe Smalls are slowly getting more adventurous with their eating habits – today they both ate pasta that was 1) in a sauce and 2) contained bacon, mushrooms and peas. I was more than a little amazed.

124aMore home cooking today – though it involved tomatoes and I was wearing a white top so my funky duck apron came out. I love this apron so much 🙂

125aI haven’t been out on my bike in ages but today I randomly got the urge to get some fresh air and went and did a 7km meander around town.

126myI love turning over to the next month on calendars. This calendar was a Christmas present from Caius’s Dad and his wife and I love that it is in German as well as English.

127myI got the chalks out for Arthur to play with this afternoon – the entirity of outside is now decorated – the fence, Caius’s wellies, the wall, Arthur’s scooter… just need it to rain now to clean everything!

128myIt was beautiful weather today so the Smalls and I accompanied Caius back to Dearnford Lake. He went for a nice long swim whilst we stayed nice and dry on the bank and played in the play area.

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7 thoughts on “365 Project 2014, Week 18

  1. Words cannot describe how much I love that duck apron!
    The farm day sounds like it was fun, I do like a good old fashioned wood seesaw. The lake picture is beautiful too, it looks so tranquil. x


  2. I do love your apron. I’m beginning to feel there are quite a few places in Shropshire I have left to explore. Must get out this year and visit some more places.


  3. well done on getting out on the bike, I had to give mine up sadly. Love how everything is decorated, even what should not be. Its nice when they eat what you make for them, well done on trying it kids.


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