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365 Project 2014, Weeks 21-23. The Bumper Edition!

Ready for a 3 week 365 Special? Here we go!

143myThe Smalls first cinema trip today, we saw Khumba then headed to our favourite Sensory Playground in Hanley Park for some sunny playtime.

144myToday was a hide inside from the weather kind of day.

145myI had a bad day today and seeing this when I got in from a de-stressing walk was just what I needed.

146myI don’t remember the last time Arthur fell asleep in the pushchair but today’s hot, muggy weather totally knocked him out on the way to collect Tori from school.

147myAnother rainy day today so the Smalls had sunshine for tea!

148myTomorrow Caius and I leave for Scotland at 4am so we are all packed and ready in advance and the Smalls have gone to my parent’s for the night before heading off to their Daddy’s for half term.

149myWe arrived in Inverness after a long drive followed by two bus journeys. It was beautiful and sunny (and windy!) and we enjoyed a nice walk before our sailing adventure truly started on Sunday.

150myToday was a bit less sunny – in fact it was distinctly wet – but that didn’t stop it being beautiful as we sailed from Inverness across Loch Ness to Fort Augustus.

151myToday started with us going up the staircase of locks out of Fort Augustus squished in with six other boats! We were piggy in the middle too. Then we sailed on down the Caledonian Canal and through Loch Oich and Loch Lochy before mooring up above Banavie’s Neptune’s Staircase locks with spectacular views of Ben Nevis which was still sprinkled with snow.

152myToday we went down the last of the canal and finally came out into the sea on Loch Linnhe which was a total mill pond. I have never seen the sea so flat!

153myYesterday Caius twanged the elastic oar tie on the dinghy when we rowed ashore for a walk and today Kristina managed to fix it after much hilarity and a few mishaps.

154myToday we went for a day sail on the Lynn of Lorn – wasn’t as windy as we’d have liked but it was a beautiful day.

155myWe went out today with the sole aim of catching fish for supper. Not one single fish was caught – we didn’t even see any!

156myWe set off home rather sadly early this morning but didn’t make it much further than Glasgow before the car expired and we had to wait for the RAC to come rescue us and take us home.

157juThe Smalls came home this afternoon and for all I have enjoyed the peace and quiet, it was good to have them back 🙂

158juHalf-term caught up with Arthur after pre-school today and he fell asleep in the pushchair on the way home and didn’t surface again until gone 9pm when he had toast and a little play before falling back into bed!

159juI felt in the need for some homecooked food today and having spotted some tasty looking sweet-cured mackerel in the shop earlier I decided kedgeree was the way to go. It was very tasty!

160juAfter his half-day at pre-school today Arthur was still pretty tired so we had some quiet playtime in his room and poor old Teddy got a bit thrown around.

161juToday was Tori’s last session of Ju-Jitsu after-school club. She has really enjoyed it and for some reason today came out of it insisting on walking home backwards. She didn’t keep it up all the way though.

162juWe got a new (to us) seat for the back of the bike today so Tori and Caius set off for school in style this morning 🙂

163juHaving remembered that Father’s day is coming up, I set the Smalls to doing some crafts to package up and give to their Daddy. These are cute farmyard magnets – although once Arthur had finished he was covered in so much red paint he looked like he had murdered someone!


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4 thoughts on “365 Project 2014, Weeks 21-23. The Bumper Edition!

  1. I have alwats fancied a canal boat for a holiday, dont think I would brave sailing though. Fish and chops without the fish for tea then was it?
    We use to love our bike seats when the kids were wee, and many a child minded child has been cycled around in it as well ( mush to my sons disgust when he got too big) .
    Fifi cant walk normally either,she is going through a cart wheel along the road phase, drives me nuts


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