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365 Project 2014, Week 24


Arthur after the first Eurofighter flypast: ‘Mummy – it went RRROOOAARR in my tummy!’

165juI went to open the front door the other day and completely failed – even my full weight against it couldn’t shift it. It turned out all the torrential rain we had with those thunderstorms last week had made the wood in the frame expand enough to make the door stick. Today Caius and English Folkfan went to work with the tools and fixed it so now we don’t have to traipse out through the back garden all the time!

166juIt was raining when we got home from school so the Smalls went straight outside to play, obviously.

167juEnough said.

168juI decided to make the most of the lovely evening and go for a quick bike ride – I did my usual route in reverse… except I got utterly lost because it all looked different backwards and ended up somewhere in the middle of nowhere halfway up a ruddy great hill. Nice view though.

169juYou know how Felix expired on the way home from Scotland? He is not being revived and today we got a new-to-us car in his place.

170juToday Arthur and Tori went to their friend Max’s birthday party at the local Wacky Warehouse – lots of fun was had all round. Even I ended up in the play area at one point!

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