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365 Project 2014, Week 25

171juWe couldn’t join the usual Junior Church camping trip this year for the whole weekend but we did go up today for the last day and had a lovely time playing in the field, eating good food and chatting with friends. Caius got to drive a tractor, I had to drive our new car (eek!) but my favourite moment was this – Arthur quietly sitting down next to Kes and stroking her and making friends. Arthur has been afraid of dogs ever since Kes spooked him when he had only just started walking so it was a pretty big thing for him to get so close so calmly. I am proud of him 🙂

172juMissing the camp breakfast of yesterday, I rustled up a tasty brunch for Caius and I once the kids were in school. Yum!

173juThis exists. This is amazing. This is going to make me fat.

174juJust down the road from us a local play park has been renovated and updated so today we went down after school to have an explore and play.

175juA certain someone got into trouble today. Mummy is cross.

176juI learned a lot from this year’s BritMums Live but this is my favourite note that I took down in the Writer’s Block and Creative Writing talk!

177juI had an amazing day today, made loads of new friends, learned so much, went out for dinner with my sister and brother in law and had a lovely wander round some of London. From the whole day though this is my favourite photo.

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