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365 Project 2014, Week 26


178(1)juHome from BritMums the first thing we all did was go to the park and have a play and ice cream. I discovered Mr Whippy covered in sherbet – it is AMAZING.

178ju(I know, I know – I have two 178s…) This afternoon Caius and I went for a walk down the canal to enjoy the lovely weather whilst the Smalls were at school. Half way through Caius randomly decided to stick a fern down his shirt – you have as much idea as to why this is a good idea as I have…

179juLiberty came round this evening so I made sure the fridge was stocked 😉

180juTori had to write a story plan for her homework today so I got my Rory’s Story Cubes out for her to use. She ended up with a story about a bumble bee going for a ride on a shooting star!

181juI snuck this shot of the boys having cuddle time on the sofa – they had been watching TV but it dissolved into a tickle fight. This is Arthur’s ‘Don’t tickle me!’ face which usually cracks into a massive grin and giggles after about two seconds.

182juClearly I didn’t take this photo but I had to use it anyway – I had a lovely day and a fun night out for dinner with Caius, Liberty & her boyfriend which involved more beer than it probably should have. Ah well, you only turn 26 once 😉

183juWalked into town. Saw this. Was amused.

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3 thoughts on “365 Project 2014, Week 26

  1. Something tells me that the headboard isn’t going to fit? I think your hair in the birthday shot looks bloody wonderful, really funky! Love Artie’s face with the tickling, but not liking the look of that ice-cream!!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and sorry for the delay in commenting.


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