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365 Project 2014, Week 28

192julIt was the Fordhall Farm Summer Fair today and a stunning day for it – this is the kids having snack time in the shade of the shiny new tractors!

193julFor reasons best known to herself, Tori decided she was a dinosaur at dinner time…

194julTonight I made my own salmon fishcakes – to try and entice the Smalls, I made theirs fish shaped. It failed. They just got mushed, pushed around and ignored 😦

195julArthur insisted on going on the big swings today. He is getting far too grown up for his own good.

196julStill on the theme of Small people looking big – Tori had her hair cut today and when it was wet and straight instead of her usual crazy curls she looked oddly grown up. Can’t believe she is five next week!

197julJust putting Arthur on the washing line for a bit… as you do 😉

198julI had to take the cover off my camera to get the memory card out and Arthur then spent five minutes working out how to put it together again…

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