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365 Project 2014, Week 31

213julJuly is rapidly running out so today I have tried to read as much of this as possible as it is the House of Blog book club July book (and I picked it so I really must read it!!)


 Tori got a Mister Maker giraffe craft kit for her birthday through the post yesterday so today we sat down and built it together 🙂


I am loving that the Smalls are getting the hang of playing board games now.


The kids and I went for a walk today and Arthur insisted on bringing Teddy in the pushchair  and wearing his new shoes and my sunglasses!


Our back yard used to be pea gravel and it got everywhere and drove us up the pole. It isn’t gravel any more…

218auTori is having a Tangled day and Pascal has been by her side the entire time. Here he is watching her draw a picture of our house.

219auWaiting for Nannan and Grandad to come and pick us up so we could go to their house for the day, the Smalls did a bit of dinosaur sand art. There is now sand everywhere.

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