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365 Project 2014, Week 33

227auToday my crazy boyfriend completed his first ever Olympic distance triathlon (yes, the morning after driving home from Scotland) in an epic rain storm. He did it in three and a half hours and I am super proud of him.

228auMade the most of the sun’s appearance today and all went for a romp in the park together.

229auThe Smalls and I went on a day trip with my parents today whilst Caius was at work. We visited Harlech Castle (which is great for hide and seek!) and then spent half an hour paddling on the beach just outside Barmouth. It was very windy but the rain held off until we were driving home which was great considering storms were forecast!

230auSomebody was having a Cars day and was very pleased to discover his trainers match his play suit.

231auAttempted a new recipe for the Great Bloggers Bake Off today – this is about the only one I didn’t ‘overbake’ (read: practically burn).

232auRound two of Bake Off baking saw me doing a more basic vanilla sugar biscuit recipe but going a bit more all out on the decoration (I even tried making them 3D in the end!)

233auLazy dinner tonight, just because we can 🙂

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