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365 Project 2014, Week 34

234auToday was an extra special day as it was the Christening of not one but two very special little ladies – Edith & Lily. I am one of Edith’s (very proud) Godparents and this is a picture (clearly taken by Caius and not me, as I’m in it) of the two stars of the show and their parents and godparents with the minister who held the service.

235auOver the last couple of weeks these two have got a little fed up of each other’s company and there have been lots of fights, including a bit of blood loss on ocassion, so it was nice to see them having big relaxed cuddles watching TV this morning.

236auWe went to visit baby Edith again today and had some more awake cuddles than we had on Sunday. She is a whole month old today and all kinds of gorgeous.

237auTori rediscovered her Fuzzy Felts today and made this picture of Nannan and Grandad’s house. Apparently that is also Grandad’s car, although I don’t remember it looking quite like that last time I was in it…

238auWe went to visit English Folkfan this afternoon and the Smalls had fun discovering and playing with a lot of Caius’s old toys – here they are exploring his old bath toys and later they moved on to playing with his old dolls.

239auI have been meaning to have a go with the ice cream maker attachment on my Kenwood for a while and tonight I made apple, blackberry and cinnamon frozen yoghurt in it. It is very yummy!

240Today I got down to my Great Bloggers Bake Off attempt – bread week is scary. I think the last time I made bread was last year’s bread week! The results are incredibly tasty – turns out Parmesan and Prosciutto Bread is good stuff.

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