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365 Project 2014, Week 36

248au A relaxed day after our long trip yesterday, rounded off with tea in the sunshine at the park.

249sepLast day of Summer for the Smalls and they were very pleased to get some new friends in the post. They are definitely enjoying reviewing Stretchkins and they’ve only had them for a day! (That T-shirt Tori is wearing used to be mine. I got it after falling in a stream on holiday resulting in requiring new clothes. It breaks my head that it fits her now…)

250sepThere they are, much taller than last year but still smiling. Tori all ready for Year 1 and Arthur ready to be in Snail Group at Pre-school.

251sepLetting off a bit of steam after school… (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.)

252sepIt’s not a birthday meal without cake and you are NEVER too old for a Lightning McQueen cake 😉

253sepThe end of the first week of term and Tori saw it out in style at her friend’s birthday party. We also had a visit from Meggy, Scott, Baby Edith and Jet The Dog AND went to the pub after Tori’s party and had chips for tea!

254sepA relaxed Saturday – we popped round to English Folkfan’s house (and finished eating Lightning McQueen) and I spent the evening blindly inventing this pie for the Great Blogger’s Bake Off. Next time I’m using a recipe…

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3 thoughts on “365 Project 2014, Week 36

  1. how wonderful that Tori wears a tee short that was yours once when you werre a girl! and your children look so cute on their first day of school/pre school and Tori make a cute ladybug x


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