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365 Project 2014, Week 37

255sepTori went to a birthday party today and afterwards we went to the park and Caius couldn’t resist drawing on her party balloon. I think the sunshine had gone to his head…

256sepTori came home clutching this Gruffalo Game as a prize for her Summer Holiday project. It’s nice that all my her hard work was rewarded in the end.

257sepCaius is off to a conference tomorrow until Saturday so we all went out for dinner together as a treat. Tori is finally reaching the point where she can try the puzzles on activity sheets which is nice and Arthur was loving his new Cars colouring sheets I had brought for him.

258sepAfter school today I set the Smalls the task of planting a small mountain of bulbs and seeds in our front garden plot in the hope that come Spring and Summer we will have some pretty flowers.

259sepPutting on a brave face for the camera – he had just had his MMR and Pre-school boosters and was feeling sorry for himself.

260sepSports day got cancelled before Summer due to the strikes so it rolled around today instead. Tori had fun and came first and second in her two races and her house team came second overall.

Arthur is suffering after yesterday’s jabs and has a temperature and is generally a bit off colour.

261sepCaius came home today, the kids went to their Dad’s, I baked this week’s GBBO bake (Butterkuchen) and then I went outside to give the guinea pig his dinner only to discover that he has died :‘(

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