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365 Project 2014, Week 38

262sepAfter losing GB yesterday, we buried him in my parents’ garden today. Tori was very brave, giving him a last brush and tucking him into his box and writing his name on the top before putting in his grave and decorating it with pretty stones. Afterwards we went to a friend’s 50th birthday party which was a good way to cheer ourselves up 🙂

263sepI ordered two lucky dip shirts in the latest QwerTEE sale and they arrived today – I am very pleased with what I got: Star Wars & Frozen – perfect!

264sepAfter school today we all headed to the park together for some play time 🙂

265sepTwo tired bunnies today so they flopped out on the sofa to watch Frozen together when we got home.

266sepWhenever TBAM does a sleepy child shot it is peaceful and beautiful and sweet – the one time I try and do it? Arthur is asleep like this.

267sepI spent today asleep because I have been feeling ill for the last few days and today knocked me out totally. I got up in time to have a shower and walk to collect Tori from school and I wore my new t-shirt to cheer myself up. I fell asleep again after the walk!

268sepSaturday afternoon tech-time!


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