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365 Project 2014, Week 39



We took GB’s hutch to my parents’ house today. He is very definitely gone now.

270sepYesterday I made jam for the first ever time, I was pleased to find that it had set by this morning and it is really tasty too. Yay!

271sepSometimes they fight like demons but despite it all they are best friends at heart. They walked most of the way home holding hands today and it was just so adorable, I couldn’t help but just walk behind them grinning like a fool.

272sepI met this very sweet little kitten on my walk home from dropping the kids off today. It was very cute but did manage to fall off the wall at one point and I had to rescue it!

273sepTori got sent home from school yesterday with a bad tummy so she had to stay off today although she seemed fine in herself. We took a trip to the Nature Reserve for a Forest School session together – here Tori is doing some bark rubbing… and Arthur is colouring in a dead twig with some chalk.

274sepI got a new set of stampers today and one of them was a moustache – this was inevitable really!

275sepWe surprised the Smalls with a trip to see Mike the Knight at Warwick Castle today. They loved it last year and again this year – I do like Warwick Castle even though it is wickedly expensive. We used the vouchers off the cornflakes to get in this time so we only had to pay for the kids.

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