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365 Project 2014, Week 40

276sepToday we went round to visit English Folkfan and the Smalls enjoyed playing outside in this beautiful Indian summer weather. Tori loves Caius’ old trike now she is big enough to really reach the pedals.

277sepMonday is a busy day for the Smalls – they have Street Jazz dance class after school and they are always tired by the end. When I went in to check on Arthur he was totally flopped out, it gave me a bit of a chuckle.

278sepGot the proofs for the Smalls’ school photos today – how cheesy is their sibling photo?!

279octBefore the heavens opened and tried to wash us out of existance (I wasn’t sure we’d make it home from school without a boat) I did a bit of weeding in the front garden and met this little chappy.

280octI was very impressed when Tori wandered in to the kitchen to show me this play park she had made all by herself out of Duplo.

281octSometimes you see something and just *have* to buy it. This was one of those things

282octThis is the face of a girl who has just been on her first ever limo trip. She and Arthur both went to their friend’s birthday party and then Tori was one of the special few who got to stay on at the end and go on a tour round town in a limo with the birthday girl!

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