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365 Project 2014, Week 43

297octWhen I washed the kids hair this evening I noticed that Tori and Artie’s hair is almost the same length when wet!

298octPretty much the highlight of my Monday every week is pom-poms…

299octCrazy weather today – like this one minute, torrential downpour the next, battering winds in between. Very peculiar.

300octWalking home from school Arthur took one look at these fallen fig leaves and announced ‘These look like dinosaur footprints, Mummy! RAWR!’

301octArthur dressed for the season today 🙂

302octIt was Tori’s school Harvest Festival and I took this photo of her having a quiet moment to herself in the middle of a song they were singing.

303octThis afternoon we all headed to the park together and had some fun with the football and frisbee.

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