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365 Project 2014, Week 44

304octMy brother and his wife are moving house so I helped my mum babysit my niece and nephew for the day so they were out of the way of all the carpet fitting and boxes! I took lots of photos and particularly like this selfie of me and Evaleena 🙂

305octFirst day of half term today so we went to the park. I could have sworn I took more photos but apparently the only one I took was this one of my foot…

306octI was making dinner when suddenly these two hopped in waving their frogs at me!

307octWe went shopping today and treated ourselves to KFC for lunch before going to soft play for a couple of hours because rain stopped park play.

308octSuddenly realised it’s Hallowe’en tomorrow and I hadn’t got any of the craft kits out yet! This was a joint effort between Caius and Tori.

309octMy parents came over for the afternoon today and we all went for a muddy stroll down the canal before going for a HUUUUGE dinner at the pub and a few more crafts at home together afterwards.

310novArthur on the iPad, Caius on the XBox – car games all round.

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