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365 Project 2014, Week 45

311novThe last of the concrete went down today and we all left our mark in it 🙂

312novI’m not sure why, but Arthur was in a general rage today so I broke out the hair brush which always calms him down. I spent over an hour brushing his hair whilst he played with his cars at my feet – it almost always works when he is angry, stroking his hair works if you don’t have a brush.

313novIt is almost time to send off the Operation Christmas Child boxes so today I checked what I had, bought the last few bits and packed up my two parcels ready to take to church in a couple of weeks time. The open one is for a girl aged 5-9.

314novI just love the golden quality of the light at this time of year, makes everything look stunning.

315novThursday night means sitting in a dim, warm conservatory whilst Tori bounces around in the Learner Pool for half an hour and then cries her way through the shower afterwards. At least I get a fair bit of reading done.

316novMr Arthur was very tired today and spent a lot of his time just sitting around. And sucking his toes.

317novEnglish Folkfan provided the Smalls with a huge basket full of toilet roll tubes and they had great fun making stuff out of them. I particularly liked this ‘telephone trunk’.


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