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365 Project 2014, Week 47 & 48

First up – last week just got away from me and I never found the time to sit down and do my 365 post so this week is a double. Secondly, part way through numbering my pictures I realised that somewhere during the year I have skipped forward a few days because by the way my numbering was going, 2014 was going to be 370 days long! This is why my numbering suddenly jumps backwards part way through – I’m trying to make it match back up with reality!! (It actually skips about twice because I really, really can’t count and got my recalculations wrong…)

332novYou can’t beat a giant box for lazy Sunday afternoon fun!

333novThanks to MDanz Tori now knows who 1D are – their latest dance is to ‘Best Song Ever’ which means I now have it stuck in my head. Sigh. (Arthur got sent home from school today, so he didn’t go to dance club this week.)

334novCrissy, who takes MDanz, sent Arthur his pom poms yesterday to cheer him up after being ill and missing dance club. He enjoyed having a good pom pom session when he woke up before getting dressed.

335novArthur scratched his nose this morning and it bled everywhere. He wasn’t impressed when I made him have a plaster on it…

336novThis evening, Liberty and I went to see Gone Girl – the ticket was not lying about the strong bloody violence… there wasn’t much of it but what there was was impressive. Mostly it was just super creepy – a very good film but I was glad I didn’t have to go home to an empty house afterwards! (Caius also went but we didn’t know that until we met him lurking in the lobby afterwards – also slightly creepy after being freaked out by the film!!)

337novOn the way home from school I popped in to the butchers with Tori and had a sudden urge to buy and cook a whole pheasant. I’m not sure why, as I’ve never cooked one before – I can only assume it is because we are half way through a series of MasterChef. Look at the shine on that sauce though – I may have been a bit smug about that!

338novToday was the annual Christmas Market at my home church – we had lots of fun helping on the raffle, singing carols in the coffee room and joining in with the games. This is Tori doing her best to win a Freddo.

339novLiberty’s boyfriend has been meaning to show the Smalls round the fire engine ever since we moved here (over two years ago now) and today was his last day on the job before moving on to new things so we had to do it today. They even got a fire shout just as we were about to leave so we got to watch everyone turning up, putting their kit on and the engine driving off with its blues-and-twos going!

335decDecember is here so tonight we started on the kids Book Advent Calendar that I made up for them. Can’t beat a bit of Magic Key fun 🙂

336decI never quite get used to seeing the sun rise whilst I’m getting the kids ready for school.

337decIt was a parent play-and-lunch thing at preschool today so I went back in time and had a proper school dinner complete with cold custard, a teeny cup of water and half-sized cutlery!

338decAnyone who has ever been in our house, knows the state these shelves are usually in. I have spent the last few days properly sorting them out and rearranging them and it’s finally finished and everything looks great!

339decTori got Star of the Week this week but the day got a bit of a damper by the fact that we walked out of the school assembly into torrential rain, hail, winds of an Arctic quality and bitter darkness. The sun was vaguely visible in the distance but it just served to make the storm we were in feel even more dire.

340decAs Star of the Week, Tori got to bring Pippo the class monkey home for the weekend. This afternoon the pair of them spent some time making jigsaws together which was very cute.


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