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365 Project 2014, Week 50

341decArthur went to a birthday party today and his party bag was full of pirate goodies so the theme for the afternoon was very much treasure and pirate ships!

342decIt was Arthur’s turn to find the right book in the Advent Book Calendar box tonight. It’s a great way for him to practise his numbers without knowing he’s doing it 😉

343decI am so proud of how well Tori is doing with her reading at the moment. I love listening to her read in the evenings.

344decI put the Christmas decorations up whilst the kids were at school today and the look of wonder and joy on their face when they got home made it totally worth it.

345decHow fab is the last page of the book they had in their calendar today?!

346decIt was Tori’s school carol service this afternoon and I just adore this shot of her with one of her friends at the end 🙂

347decToday the Smalls and I headed off to Leeds for a Christmas dinner and party at a friend’s house – we were meeting Caius there (he’d been in Edinburgh with work all week). We had to catch four trains and I have to say that the kids were brilliantly behaved and the whole journey was a lot calmer than I had feared it would be. The party was well worth the trip, too 🙂

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