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365 Project 2014, Weeks 51 & 52

Finishing the year with another double post – illness made me lose the plot a bit and I just totally forgot to do my week 51 post. I did take the photos though – even on the days where I had a temperature of 40 degrees and spent more time hallucinating than anything else!

348decToday was the annual charity 5km fun run by our local brewery – called the ‘Turkey Trot’, we all donned our tinsel and set off to do a tour of the town. Considering I don’t run, ever, I am quite pleased that I finished the course in 39 minutes. It was worth it for the santa medal and free pint at the finish!

349decLast dance club of the year and ARTHUR JOINED IN! But by the end of it Tori was looking very pale and shaky – sadly a sign of things to come 😦

350decAs Tori was off school with a raging temperature, Arthur picked out some new PJs for her on the way home from preschool to cheer her up a bit.

351decArthur brought home this… beautiful… Christmas card today and I couldn’t help but giggle at the extra ‘eyes’ – they do not look like eyes to me. *snigger*

352decThis one seemed a bit better today – her temperature was back to normal at least – but then she started being sick everywhere instead.

353decIt was the MDanz Christmas party tonight and Tori was very sad to miss it (still throwing up) – Arthur had a lovely time and even won this Thomas DVD in the raffle! Sadly by the end of the night it became clear that I had caught whatever Tori had and my temperature began to rise steadily and I had a night of fever induced dreams and not much real sleeping.

354decFelt rough all day today but did manage to practice making Tori’s hair look nice before the Smalls went to their Dad’s house. It was also my Mum’s choir’s Christmas concert which was as lovely as usual but took all of my remaining energy to attend, resulting in another night of 40 degree fun.

355decStill ill, I waited at home when Caius went to collect the Smalls from their Dad’s. I did steal a snuggle with this sleepy creature when they got home though 🙂

356decTori (finally better) made me some pictures to cheer me up as I am still suffering. Seriously worried this is going to carry on over Christmas although I suspect a lot of how I feel now is sheer exhaustion. Caius has the lurgy too now – we are not a happy household.

357decTori decided she was going to read today’s Advent Book Calendar book to Arthur and I without any help today. So proud of how she is doing in her reading these days.

358decAfter a total lack of Christmassy anything recently, I treated the Smalls to pancakes for breakfast and they were very excited when a special someone dropped in to say hello. I may not be feeling the Christmas spirit very much but the Smalls are now, and that’s what’s important.

359decThe look on Tori’s face when she saw this warmed my heart – I have a photo of Arthur pulling almost the exact same expression when he opened his cuddly Rainbow Dash. My Little Pony are popular in our house 😉

360decMy sister’s dog, Kew, picked a rather appropriate new bed today, much to our amusement!

361decThe Smalls went to a friend’s birthday party today and Arthur was so tired out that he fell asleep in his dinner!

362decToday we went round to English Folkfan’s house for another round of Christmas and the Smalls wore their new jumpers that Nannan knitted them as presents.

363decToday Tori decided to wear the new Disney princess dress she got for Christmas. I just love the furry cloak with built in crown – so cute!

 364decAfter a day of staring at their iPads it was nice to see the kids getting their wooden building blocks out and having some imaginary play time.

365decAnd as the last day of the year is bright and sunny, the Smalls are seeing it out by playing the day away in the back yard (yes, I stuck my head out of an upstairs window to take this photo lol).

10 thoughts on “365 Project 2014, Weeks 51 & 52

  1. I hope your all feeling better now?
    Love the dog in a box pic and it’s so cute when kids fall asleep eating


  2. Nasty lurgy, go away and leave them alone! Hope you’ve all recovered now, poor Tori doesn’t look anything like her in the realldy bad lurgy photo.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 for another year and completing the challenge, hope you’ve enjoyed photographing the everyday magic?


    1. Just about all better now – only tiredness and a massive pile of abandoned housework left!

      I struggled a bit this year but have themes planned for 2015 to reignite the passion – I’m not giving up!!!


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