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365 Project 2015, Week 2: Trees

5Tori had a birthday party tonight and darkness was falling as we walked through town (at 4pm) to get there. Tori said these trees looked like they were trying to reach the clouds.

6This stunning rainbow over the school playground got brighter and brighter as the sun rose and turned the treetops gold. Then it went very dark and poured with rain whilst I walked home. It was almost worth having to get changed when I got in just for how beautiful it was to begin with 🙂

7I love that this tree that overhangs the playground flowers in the winter every year. It makes everything seem less gloomy.

8I will confess I forgot to take a photo today until dark was falling and I ran around looking out the windows until I found a tree the camera could still focus on – this is the view from Arthur’s window.

9Holly is one of my favourite trees. I just love how shiny the leaves are and the shape, whilst very scratchy, is totally beautiful.

 10We went round to my parents’ house today to belatedly celebrate my Dad’s birthday. We grown ups had a great time playing with the Duplo and I made this tree which was just perfect for my 365 😉

11I love that even in places where we humans are taking over with various buildings and technology, you are never really very far away from a tree or some kind of nature.

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