2015 · 365 Project

365 Project 2015 – The Plan!

I struggled with my 365 project last year – I stuck with it, but by the last couple of months I wasn’t really feeling it. All my photos were snapped half-heartedly on my phone whilst my camera lounged on a shelf, forgotten.

Not wanting to feel like that anymore, but also not wanting to give up, I have decided that I will theme my project again. I did this a couple of years ago and it worked well at giving me inspiration each week and stopping me from getting bored and in a rut.

I have decided on weekly themes and hope that they make my 2015 project a little more interesting for both me and you!

The badge and link to The Boy And Me’s 365 page and weekly linky is on my sidebar all the time, please go over and have a look if you are interested. She is the real reason and inspiration that keeps me going with this project every single year.

The themes are:

1) Beginnings (this is only a 4 day week due to the midweek start…)

2) Trees

3) ‘S’

4) Cake

5) The Floor

6) Liquid

7) Love

8) Holidays

9) Four

10) Green

11) Circles

12) Red

13) Play

14) Easter

15) Sparkles

16) Blue

17) Squares

18) Eyes

19) Fun

20) Purple

21) Hands

22) Black & White

23) Feet

24) Yellow

25) People

26) Smiles

27) Sepia

28) Pink

29) Sunshine

30) Flowers

31) Wood

32) Two

33) Spots

34) Animals

35) Boxes

36) Sky

37) Family

38) Reflections

39) Paper

40) Time

41) Grey

42) Music

43) ‘F’

44) Orange

45) Leaves

46) Letters

47) Cream

48) ‘N’

49) Gold

50) Silver

51) Sparkles

52) Christmas

53) Endings (this is only a half week – like week one. That’s how I have 53!)

2 thoughts on “365 Project 2015 – The Plan!

  1. Great idea! I’ve already changed from 365 to 52 as I underestimated how hard it is to get a decent pic every day. Look forward to seeing your themes develop #365


    1. This is my third 365 – I did a 52 in the middle, too. Found the 52 harder because I would just put my camera down and forget without the mental thing of needing one every day – It’s a habit now more than anything 🙂


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