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365 Project 2015, Week 3: ‘S’

12Today Caius took me out for lunch which was a bit of a Surprise and it was very tasty. There’s also Salad there which is another ‘S’.

13Having got rid of the pushchair I realised I needed something else for the days when I had ten tonnes of stuff to carry for school or shopping to do. So, feeling about 100 years old I ordered myself a trolley which I think is kinda cool but Caius said looks like something a retired stripper would use… Anyway, today I took it out for its first trip and nobody called me a stripper so I think it’s good to go.

14I went to bed last night to the promise of Snow from every weather source ever so I had pictures of me taking hundreds of cool photos and struggling to choose between them. I was a bit disappointed when I woke up to see a ‘snowfall’ so pitiful I have seen thicker and better spread frosts. In the end I caught this moment of the Sunrise on the Snow on the rooftops against the blue Sky on the Schoolrun which is pretty but not quite the shot I was envisioning.

15Today I braved Soft Play with Arthur and he had a cookie for elevenses that was about as big as his head…

16I love being able to play Spotify through the TV – Arthur really enjoys Singing and dancing around to it.

17Today ‘S’ was very definitely for Squelch and Splash!!

18Hey, look! It tried again! Today’s Snow is still lame but less pathetic than last time’s – it did at least cover the car roof this time.

15 thoughts on “365 Project 2015, Week 3: ‘S’

  1. what a massive cookie! love it lol
    i think a trolley is a fab idea and much easier to push all of your shopping rather than carry it. x


  2. we use to have 2 shopping trolleys when the children were younger, and they helped pull them back from the town – much to their disgust.
    Thats some size of cookie, and that was about as much snow as we got.
    Love the connection you have used to take your pictures.
    Thanks for linking up to Project 365


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