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365 Project 2015, Week 4: Cake!

19Arthur’s packed lunch all ready for Pre-School. I got two packs of those teeny tiny cupcakes in the Tesco shop last week as they are just perfect for squeezing into lunch boxes. They’re super cute, too, unlike that Freddo face next to it which is a bit on the grouchy side…

 20Tonight I joined Liberty, QWERTY Mum and our friend Danielle at a charity pub quiz. We didn’t come last, there were very tasty cupcakes, I won a book on the raffle, we laughed LOADS and a fab final total was raised by the end of the night. It was good fun.

21Greggs cakes. Because sometimes they are just too pretty to resist. And because I have cake on the brain thanks to this week’s prompt 😉

22This is the most important cake in my life. I didn’t know I was pregnant until quite late on, before then I just thought I was eating too much cake at uni (I was eating a fair bit of cake). But then it wriggled and, you know, cake doesn’t wriggle. Tori still gets called ‘Cake’, ‘ToriCake’ and ‘Cakey’ on occasion.

23Arthur had a restless night and was super hot and bothered this morning. He did make me laugh though, when he took his medicine and then informed me afterwards that it was cake flavoured. Perfect for my photo prompt 😉

24Cadbury’s Fudge cakes – they were on offer. I couldn’t resist.

25Doughnuts are cakes – right?

7 thoughts on “365 Project 2015, Week 4: Cake!

  1. i could happliy look at cake photos every week!! sorry that Arthur was a little unwell though x


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