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365 Project 2015, Week 5: The Floor

26Today I was incapable of taking a single photo in focus. But it was the first MDanz of the year for the Smalls and they had a great time – this is one of the points where they insisted on holding hands for the whole activity. The idea was that the floor was in focus with the fast moving children fuzzy – as it was, everything is fuzzy. Never mind.

27There are so many different shapes and size of paving slabs in our town when you actually take the time to look down at your feet!

28Before I left to collect the Smalls from school today I set up their blankets on the floor with some magazines, activities and snacks for them to relax with once they got home. They went down really well so I think I might make it a Wednesday thing.

29Usually I take Arthur to soft play on a Thursday but due to Caius being in Edinburgh so we don’t have the option of a lift and the weather being so horrible I decided that it wasn’t worth all the walking there and back so we went to Wetherspoons for breakfast instead. Arthur LOVES ‘Spoons pancakes with maple syrup more than pretty much anything else so he was quite happy with the arrangement.

30I had a bit of a craving for Chinese food tonight so I decided to make myself a ‘fakeaway’ using the leftover roast chicken in the fridge and whatever else I could find around the kitchen. It was pretty tasty and went down well with a glass of wine – sadly said wine sent me to sleep so I was in bed way before Caius got home!

31My Uncle is over from Australia so we all piled round to my parents house and spent the day there catching up, having lots of food and also going on a good long (very muddy!) walk together. The kids had a whale of a time leaping in puddles – it was straight in the bath when we got back to clean off and warm up.

32Back at my parents’ again today for a lovely family lunch and more catching up with everyone. Kew enjoyed a lovely nap amongst the rainbows on the floor whilst the Smalls played and everyone chatted.

7 thoughts on “365 Project 2015, Week 5: The Floor

  1. Ah your pooch looks worn out by his walk! It’s been sooo muddy this past week or so hasn’t it?


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