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365 Project 2015, Week #9: Four

54Library book day!

55Rice is boring. This is what I add to it to make it tasty instead!

56Duplo gets everywhere in our house at the moment…

57With Arthur’s birthday creeping up I realised I needed to invest in some non-Christmas wrapping paper – all of these were 50p each (2m rolls) and I am a big bit in love with the dinosaur stuff!

58These four little money boxes watch over us every day from the top of our bookshelf in the front room.

59We had a great day today – surprising Arthur with a trip to Thomas Land as a birthday treat (sneaking in on the day before his birthday so he still qualified for the £5 entry ticket!) It was a great day out for the four of us – I think us grown ups had as much fun as the kids did 😀

60Today was all about this little cutie – four today 🙂

5 thoughts on “365 Project 2015, Week #9: Four

    1. We don’t often get pictures of all of us – this was a case of balancing the camera on a bench and setting the timer then running like mad to get there before it went off lol.


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