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365 Project 2015, Week #10: Green

61I am liking that the walk to dance club is happening in sunshine more often than not these days. Today was the first day of Tori being in the older group so it was just me and Artie walking to the infant group after school.

62Spring is definitely in the air this week. My Mum and Dad’s garden had some gorgeous snowdrops – I love the fresh green contrasting with the old brown of the dead leaves.

63After school today Tori sat down and made a sequin picture using a set she got given ages and ages ago. She loved it and it looked great when she had finished. (Those sequins looked a whole lot greener in real life than they are in the picture here…)

64Arthur got those slippers for his birthday and he loves them. He does make me chuckle when he wanders round in his mismatched PJs and slippers looking super pleased with himself.

65Today was not a good hair day. But I did wear a dress for a change.

66Today was gorgeous and we were all getting a bit wound up with each other inside so we headed for a run around in the park together to let off some steam.

67Kids at their Dad’s calls for a good old Sunday morning XBox session!

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