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365 Project 2015, Week #11: Circles

68Yep, today I totally forgot to take a picture until we finished dinner. I suck.

69Tea time. The onion rings were not as circular as I had hoped for 😉

70Done a bit of sorting and tidying today – the kids colouring and craft stuff is just about neat now. Almost.

71Arthur and I went for a walk today whilst Tori was at school and found two different parks to play in. Love this shot – Arthur looks like he’s flying an aeroplane!

72Red Nose Day was PJ day at school for Tori so Arthur joined in too, even though he wasn’t going to school.

73We went to visit Caius’s dad and wife this weekend near Ely. This was a busy jigsaw making session before dinner (at the circular table…)

74The best thing about visiting people – new parks to play in!

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