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365 Project 2015, Week #13: Play

82It has been a very Monday-ish Monday so the day was rounded off by Caius blowing things up in GTA V for an hour or so whilst I watched.

83I love that this little dude still gets played with by the Smalls. London 2012 feels like such a long time ago already and yet some memories of it still feel like yesterday.

84Sorry for the fuzzy phone photo. Tori was playing on her iPad whilst we waited for her doctor’s appointment to get some industrial cream for her eczema and dry skin.

85Swimming lesson day today so Arthur is all ready in his swimming kit waiting to leave and having a quick play with Tori’s Polly Pocket set.

86Lots of creative Duplo play happening today – the Smalls have rediscovered the Duplo recently and it is really getting their imaginations going!

87My Mum found my old bridesmaid dress at her house and Tori played dress-up in it for a while. She looked like a proper princess – I just can’t believe she’s almost big enough it fit in it already, I was 9 when I wore it!!

88More Duplo at the end of the day, winding down after coming home from Daddy’s house.


5 thoughts on “365 Project 2015, Week #13: Play

  1. Lovely to meet you the other day, Tori’s choice in cakes she picked out for me were perfect thank you, as for Arthur calling ME ”the cheeky one” just made me laugh. I haven’t been to the Easter Market since I was about 10 (shame on me) so it really took me back and was nice to see a couple of familiar faces (Welshampton) 😀


    1. The Easter Market never really changes 🙂 I was good to meet you too and put a face to the name!
      Arthur’s a little scamp 😛 Glad you liked the cakes – we still have some left we came home with so many!!


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