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365 Project 2015, Weeks #14 & #15: Easter and Sparkles

89Easter cards! The front one was made by me and won first prize in a competition – I still can’t believe I managed to draw something so neat lol.

90My Mum gave me this Easter tree last year. It looks lovely but was a total nightmare to construct – I had to basically break loads of the figures to make it so I could hang them up – apparently my Mum & sister had the same issue so it wasn’t just me being useless!

91Today we went on an Easter Hunt around Dearnford lake to help raise money for the Smalls’ dance club funds. It was a bit cold and windy but we had fun anyway!

92Realised it was almost Easter and we still hadn’t had any of these! Just wish they weren’t full of peel though as I don’t like it very much 😦

93I did some Easter baking of my own today – the egg and Easter Bunny cakes worked out a lot better than the dinosaur ones… the dinosaurs were distinctly extinct by the time I had wrestled them out of the moulds. Ooops.

94Total deviation from the theme for today but I couldn’t not post a picture of the gorgeous newly weds on their special day! Congratulations again Siôn & Laura 🙂

95He is Risen indeed! Halleluia!

96Today was a challenge. It involved a lot of milk on the floor and also a lot of glitter. And many tears, lots of shouting and general miserableness and stress. I am aiming for a better day tomorrow.

97Today was lightyears better than yesterday and to celebrate I rounded it off with a long soak in a bubble bath with a book and a scented candle for company. Lush!

98Arthur’s Easter present finally arrived today – glittery, sparkly, giggly Olaf!

 99Perfect bubble-blowing weather today and for once they both managed to blow bubbles and nobody poured bubble mixture on anyone else’s feet!

100Visited National Trust’s Erddig Hall today with my parents. The Wolf’s Den natural play area was brilliant. Amazing what can be done with logs and rope! This is my favourite photo from the day – Tori was in her element, climbing and leaping around and I think she is positively glowing in this shot. (The sparkles in this are Tori’s glittery leggings, in case you were wondering.)

101Kids are off to their Dad’s today so I have to resist breaking in to their Easter stash whilst they aren’t here to shout at me…

102Sparkling clean – I am very appreciative of our dishwasher at the moment after it was out of action for a few days. I really missed it!!

4 thoughts on “365 Project 2015, Weeks #14 & #15: Easter and Sparkles

  1. What super themes! Hallelujah indeed! You have taken part in so many lovely Easter activities – congratulations on the competition win! I have never managed to get cake moulds to work even with specially bought release-spray… Adorable firefighter raincoats and hurrah for the return of the dishwasher.


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