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365 Project 2015, Week #16: Blue

103Back to school today and by some miracle we were ready in time for the kids to sit and do some reading together for a bit before running out of the door.

104I was in agony with a bad back today but the beautiful, cloudless, blue sky on the walk to school made me feel a little better.

105Arthur is a very loud player when he plays in his room. We bought him this rug today in the hope that it might cushion some of the clattering!

106Swimming lessons today – Arthur has his first then Tori gets in the pool and Arthur knuckles down to a bit of phonics fun!

107This pretty much sums up my day today. All day.

108Off-duty Superheroes on their way home after a day of playing and hair cuts. Spiderman has had a big hair style change!

109We had a busy day today visiting the Fordhall Farm Spring Fair and then exploring a new park which Caius took us to so I could have a bit of driving practise getting us there. I’m now shattered and achey (back is still playing up) and totally ready for bed already and Caius is yet to go and do a Swimathon later this evening. He’s mad :p

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