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365 Project 2015, Week #17: Squares

I wasn’t really feeling the 365 vibe this week – my back has got steadily worse and everything has felt like a chore – even taking photos. Especially on Saturday where at one point it got so painful I wasn’t sure I could walk across a car park without resorting to crawling. Next week’s project is to get it sorted out – or at least looked at!

110Totally forgot to take a photo today until I was checking on Tori and her square patchwork duvet design reminded me!

111Early to bed for me today, I’m exhausted from not sleeping properly due to my back so I have enlisted the help of a sleeping tablet and am hoping it will help knock me out properly and make me feel better. We seem to have a thing for square patterned duvet covers in our house at the moment…

112Felt the best I have in ages today which was good as it was the FloridaTix 10th Birthday Bash this evening in Birmingham and I was able to enjoy it (and the flaming cocktails on their square napkins) without worrying about not being able to walk/stand up!

113Back a little stiff after yesterday but still not too bad. Enjoyed walking to school in the sunshine this morning.

114Back has gone downhill a bit today but I still enjoyed going out for a meal with the whole family this evening. Caius even had a square burger for his meal which was convenient 😉

115Today was hard work. We drove to Manchester in the morning for Caius to test-ride a bike he wants to buy and the two hours in the car totally did my back in and I couldn’t walk once we arrived. Pain killers and a heat pad on my back made the ride home a bit better but I was exhausted. The kids went off to their Dad’s house and I spend the rest of the day doing more on this cross-stitch which is going on the front of a card for a lady at church who turns 100 next week!

116My back is better than yesterday but still not fun. Didn’t get much done aside from finishing up my cross-stitch. Need all the little bits of positivity hidden round the house to bolster my mood. I particularly love this little magnet on the fridge.

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