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But he pushed me!

Apparently, this is the kind of thing Tori has been claiming at school. So-and-so tripped her/pushed her/poked her, often resulting in some injury or other.

The thing is. They didn’t.

From what has been established whenever Tori trips up or falls over, she always finds someone to blame, even if they were nowhere near her.

She’s crying wolf. A lot.

I got called in to her classroom after school yesterday to have a chat about it, it has happened so much over the last week or so.

I can’t say as I was overly surprised to hear it, sadly. She is always quick to tattle on Arthur at home and there have been numerous occasions where we knew Arthur was not guilty of the crime – sometimes because he was asleep when whatever it was happened. Sometimes the thing she is tattling about isn’t even a ‘thing’ and she just seems to be doing it for the reaction.

We’re getting a bit fed up and are disappointed that this behaviour has apparently leaked into her school life as well. We’ve had a long talk with her about why it is wrong and how it must make the other people involved feel but I guess we are going to have to just wait and see if that’s enough to make a difference.

I’m thinking I might try and get hold of a copy of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and read it with her – I don’t think we have one at the moment. Do you have any other suggestions that might help?


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