Project 365, Week 36

241.  Today we went and took part in the Story Book Festival happening in a local village – enjoying a trail round the village and church spotting all our favourite classic characters.  

242. Today was a right mix of sunshine and showers so we decided the only answer was to go do some puddle jumping at Attingham Park 🙂

243. Today was all about Timmy. There were tears but also lots of laughter as everyone gathered together to remember him.  

244.  I restarted my knitting today to try and neaten it up a bit.

245.  The Smalls and I drove up to Leeds today to visit my grandparents. It was funny watching Arthur get so engrossed in this game as I remember playing with it for hours when I was little too.

246.  Today brought another National Trust adventure. This time we went to Sunnycroft in Telford with English Folkfan to belatedly celebrate her birthday.

247. It’s the end of the holidays soon, right? We can get back into a proper routine now, right? Please tell me they go back to school soon…   


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