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366 Project 2016, Week 1

Yes, there are 9 photos here. Because doing a post last Saturday with only 2 photos seemed a little silly.

1/366 First day of the New Year & Tori and Arthur decided to spend it playing games together which was nice.

2/366 My parents came over and we played even more games together! There was a theme to our Christmas presents it seems.

3/366 Fighting the gloom with my lovely Christmas present candle and candle holder.

4/366 With Caius back at work, The Smalls and I took a wander into town for supplies and Gingerbread Christmas Trees.

5/366 Home from school and Tori got dressed in Minion themed clothes from head to toe!

6/366 Tori embarked on her new jigsaw puzzle. Was 3D effect and made me go cross-eyed!

7/366 BLUE SKY!

8/366 Tori lost her first tooth & is very pleased about it.

9/366 Tori channeled her inner 90s child today and it made me laugh.

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17 thoughts on “366 Project 2016, Week 1

  1. Happy new year, hope you’ve have a nice visit from the tooth fairy. The 3D puzzle sounds really interesting. Z is a wee bit young yet but I’ll have to remember it!


  2. Congratulations on the first tooth! I like the sound of the 3D puzzle – we have done a few.


  3. happy new year!
    I love the Minion jumper – been admiring it on IG
    Burton hasn’t even had a wobbly tooth yet, i think he is the only one in his class now who has not had a tooth out! x


  4. I have missed photos of your lovely two, they have such gorgeous faces and characters. I bet Tori was pleased with her tooth out?

    Thanks for linking up.


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