366 Project 2016, Week 2

10/366 Lovely Sunday afternoon at English Folkfan’s house building vehicles and playing with dinosaurs.


11/366 After school painting session with their new watercolours that they got for Christmas.


12/366 More after school painting and colouring – they got so many cool things for Christmas.

13/366 My Y1 primary school teacher taught me many things, clearly the most important being how to make an elephant by peeling an orange.

14/366 Tori had a mock reading SAT today and came top of the class with 16/20. Her teacher gave her this really cool colouring book as a reward too!

15/366 As our screen free activity before bed time today we got out Tori’s Ludo game that she got for Christmas. It’s one of the first times Arthur has actually sat and played a game all the way through without getting bored, throwing a rage or just wandering off.

16/366 Tori was having a bit of trouble working out some maths problems in her workbook so we employed the help of some Lego bricks. They’re super useful those things 😉


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10 thoughts on “366 Project 2016, Week 2

  1. Strict sreen-free time for an hour and a half before bedtime here too, need little brains to unwind for nice dreams. Great to see them enjoying painting so much.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 366.


  2. Lovely photos of the kids painting and well done to Tori on her test result! But mock SATs, seriously?! What is the world coming to?


    1. I know, it’s ridiculous – she’s not even seven yet! Luckily she seems to see them as something rewarding rather than stressful so I’m trying to encourage that attitude.


  3. My husband will not eat a satsuma unless the peel comes off in one piece in the shape of an elephant.
    Like the idea of none screen time before bed, lets them chill out ( unless one storms off of course)
    Plenty of crafting going on, mind it is not really outdoor weather


    1. Definitely not outdoor weather!
      Arthur does sometimes storm off but luckily seems to have got into the habit of picking up a book instead of his iPad before bed 🙂


  4. Love the orange elephant, maybe if I make my 4 yr old one of them it will slow down his obsession of eating every orange in the fruitbowl!
    We are having mock SATs too, at least Tori doesn’t seem bothered by them, Eowyn is the same, and for her maths she uses beads on a string, so that her younger brothers don’t try and take the lego!


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