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Oh no! It’s almost the end of the day and I totally forgot to blog!! I’m so close to the end of the month I can’t miss a day now! Um, um, um….

It was the last day of the half term today and we are all SO ready for it. It’s not been the easiest few weeks recently and we all need a break.

And to spend some time together doing fun stuff and re-learning how to be a family of four instead of four people frantically cohabiting whilst running in different directions, which is how it’s felt for a bit.

We started the fun yesterday with Hallowe’en Bingo at the kids’ old school – we always pop back for their bingo fundraisers, it’s good fun and the kids get to catch up with old friends.

I got lucky this time and won the round of Irish bingo!

Then tonight Tori had a school disco and after we decided to take advantage of there not being any school tomorrow and went to play pool and snooker together instead of putting the kids to bed.

Hopefully the rest of half term is going to have more moments of family fun like this and afterwards we will all feel ready to face the new half term together.

All I need now is for my horrible head-cold and cough to go away as well 😖

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