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365 Project Week 24 ~ ‘Feet’

MONDAY: Just another Manic  Monday. Walked Tori to school in the morning, walked her back at lunch time. Quick lunch then off to drop the Smalls at Daddy’s house before heading home again. Caius and I were pretty shattered after our busy weekend celebrating our friend’s marriage so we spent a quiet evening with our…… Continue reading 365 Project Week 24 ~ ‘Feet’

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365 Project Week #14 ~ ‘The Ground’

MONDAY: The kids are home…. TUESDAY: Walking to Unofficial Writer’s Club (& Dinner) WEDNESDAY: The kids have been away… THURSDAY: Floor – One. Toddler – Nil. (grazed forehead & bloody nose-tip) FRIDAY: Friday Night Date: Dinner out (and in the sunshine!), cinema double bill and stargazing/satellite/ISS spotting. SATURDAY: Watching Mo Farrah win Gold #2! SUNDAY:…… Continue reading 365 Project Week #14 ~ ‘The Ground’