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365 Project 2015, Week #6: Liquid

After my first driving lesson, Caius and I went out for lunch. I liked the patterns the bubbles made in the top of my Pepsi but it was a bit hard to photograph. Slow cooker day – I tried out a new recipe that I’d not heard of ‘Chicken and Corn Congee’ – it was…… Continue reading 365 Project 2015, Week #6: Liquid

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365 Project Week #7 – ‘Liquid’

MONDAY: After dropping the kids off with their Dad it was off to my parents’ house for roast dinner before Monday Night Snooker again. And, speaking as a Yorkshire lass – what better liquid to start my week off with than gravy? (Other than ale, obviously, but there wasn’t any of that to hand…) TUESDAY:…… Continue reading 365 Project Week #7 – ‘Liquid’