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CMAoOver You by Daughtry

We’ve probably established by now that I like a song that tells a story – this one isn’t a step by step story so much as some others but it still tells a tale of a break-up. I love that it is a break-up track with honesty and hope in it – one where they realise that the break-up may be sad but isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Something about it resonated with me when I heard it the first time and I fell in love with it. I also just enjoy belting it out when the house is empty ;)


If you have Spotify you can follow the playlist for my Music Alphabet by clicking this link – I will update it each time I add a blog post :)

Playlist so far:

Any Dream Will Do by Jason Donovan

Blown Away by Carrie Underwood

Cello Wars by The Piano Guys

Don’t Belong by Cold

Everybody’s Wrong by Hinder

Five Colours In Her Hair by McFly

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cydni Lauper

Head Over Feet by Alanis Morissette

I Owe You Nothing by Bros

Just The Way I’m Feeling by Feeder

Killer Queen by Queen

Lullaby by Nickleback

My Happy Ending byAvril Lavigne

Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

Over You by Daughtry




July Target List

I’m not feeling overly great about July at the moment. Maybe it’s because June ended on such a high and now I’m on the crash side. Maybe it’s because the Summer Holidays are approaching and, unlike the rest of the world, I find this very daunting rather than exciting – who knows? But it is what it is and I need to work with what I have.

With this in mind I am putting together a few little aims to try and meet, no pressure, to try to get me through the month. Sometimes goals can help.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen my summer goals regarding my fashion and beauty aims:

   (And you have also now seen how shocking my handwriting is…)
Along with this, which I hope is going to help me feel better about my appearance day to day, I also want to try and use my BlendActive at least once a day – I struggle to eat fruit and I struggle to drink enough, I figure doing this will combine the two in a tasty way. Two birds, one stone. Also I love my BlendActive and using it makes me smile.

I am taking the pressure off myself to blog for the month as well – I’m not going to abandon it but I’m only going to post if I really feel like doing it. It has started to feel like a chore and I have wound myself up about not getting reviews done for books yet even though I haven’t read the books!

With that in mind I am going to try and ignore the pressure to review the books and just take the time this month to read the books. Really read them, and enjoy them. No deadlines or pressure involved. The reviews can wait until my head is in a better place.

That neatly brings me on to my reading list for the month of July. On my list for this month I have Timebomb which I started last month but didn’t finish, The Hunter’s Kind which I am super excited about, The Iron Queen which I have wanted to read for ages but keep putting off for review books and maybe also Raising Steam because it has been on my shelf for ages.

I will doubtless read some books with Tori as well, but I will let her choose those as we go along :)

We are hopefully going to use our newly acquired tent to go on some adventures in the holidays as well so that is something to look forward to – and a hopefully more hotel based break too at some point.

Fingers crossed I keep myself both busy and relaxed for the month and finish it feeling better than I have started it!


I have fallen out of love with 365 and think this might be my last post for a while. I will probably still take the photos, I just don’t know if I will be linking up to the linky. I will see how it goes.

For now, here is week 26 and 27 – I didn’t really have a theme for them   .



175 176











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  Arthur is four. I am not finding four a very easy age but it’s not all tantrums and rage and hitting, even if some days it feels like it.
There are good things too, laughter and cuddles and games. And obsessions.

Four year olds are very good at fixating on things – Arthur keeps singing about Transformers because one of his friends at school loves them. As far as I know Arthur has never seen a Tranformers cartoon or film in his life but still he runs around singing about them like a lunatic. But Transformers are not a true obsession. That title is reserved for four other extra special things – things that have taken over our house for the last few months and can get Artie excited with just a tiny hint…

1. Disney Cars.

Both films have been watched and rewatched, re-enacted with the hundreds of toys he has acquired, he loves the AppMates game on his iPad and the racing game on my phone. We have the PS2 game, the only poster on his wall is of the bad guys in Cars 2 & is surrounded by glow-in-the-dark Cars stars (yes, they are a thing…) and we have a fairly large collection of books as well. That’s all without going anywhere near his wardrobe…

  2. Thomas The Tank Engine.
Even longer standing than his Cars addiction is his Thomas obsession.

Before he could recognise letters or even speak in sentences, he could tell you the names of more engines than I was even aware existed. He has more trains than he knows what to do with (but never enough, obviously) and so much track that it spills out of his bedroom into the hall if I put it all out at once.

We have to regularly endure the movies and have now watched all of the original TV series several times. I still think Thomas is precocious, rude and obnoxious but there’s no telling Arthur he is anything but awesome.

3. Angry Birds

This is a fairly recent obsession – he has know about Angry Birds for a long time but in the last couple of months he has finally worked out how to play it properly. Now the trick is to get him to stop playing it. All. The. Time.

He will even spend hours watching all the Angry Birds Toonz as a ‘break’ from playing the game.

I thought I had an Angry Birds problem for a while but I haven’t got a patch on Artie!

4. Spider-Man

As I type, Arthur is sat on the sofa in full Spider-Man disguise (even his pants and socks are Spider-Man) watching something like episode 12 of The Spectacular Spider-Man season 2. He only finished watching season one two days ago. (He is also eating an Angry Birds yoghurt – the obsessions can be combined!)

I am debating getting him the comics some time soon – I think they will appeal to him and maybe help us encourage his reading for school :)


I had a very ambitious list for June and I didn’t quite make it, but I had a good go!

In June I read:

Read With Tori:

Charge Of The Three-Horned Monster (Dinosaur Cove Cretaceous #2) by Rex Stone, 5/5*: Good old Triceratops – lots of adventure in this story as the boys return to Dino World to explore even further.

March Of The Armoured Beasts (Dinosaur Cove Cretaceous #3) by Rex Stone, 4/5*: Possibly my least favourite of the series thus far, but still a great book. Tori enjoyed this one and I have caught her re-enacting the story with her toys since we finished it.

Flight Of The Winged Serpent (Dinosaur Cove Cretaceous #4) by Rex Stone, 5/5*: The series is back on form with this one! Really enjoyed the story and it had a quite few laugh out loud moments which are a delight to share at bedtime. Mostly I love how reading this series is teaching Tori all the dinosaur names – she can just casually drop Ankylosaurus and Quetzalcoatlus into conversation now and it is awesome.

Read Alone:

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson, 5/5*: This book was brilliant but bizarre. It was like reading an abstract painting – it took a while to come around to the style but then suddenly you found yourself totally sucked in and unable to put it down. A story of love and how it can make you or break you, the different types of love there are – between siblings, parents, girls and boys, boys and boys, forbidden love, love that paints the sky with colours and love that tears you to pieces. I’m pretty sure my mum would hate it because of the style but then I thought I would too and I adored it. Well worth all the hype that preceded it.

The Gospel Of Loki by Joanne M. Harris, 5/5*: This was the House of Blog Book Club read and it was BRILLIANT! I will review it properly soon! (I suck at doing things on time atm…)

This brings me up to 29 out of 60 completed books (yes, I upped my goal a bit) – still on track but I need to keep going!

I did abandon a book this month – Vicious Cycle by Katie Ashley – I was really looking forward to this one but it was a lot of hard work for not much reward and I gave up pretty quickly. Maybe I was too hasty but I don’t think I will be picking it back up.

I have also started reading Timebomb by Scott K. Andrews which is really good and I am mid-way through listening to Zaria Fierce and The Secret of Gloomwood Forest by Keira Gillet which is an interesting adventure.



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