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Sharcano by Jose Prendes

Illustrated by: N/A

Series: Sharkpocalypse Trilogy #1

Published: Curiosity Quills Press, January 2014

Edition: Kindle

Narrated By: N/A

Length: 420 pages

Genre: Science Fiction, Creature Feature, Popcorn Horror, Popcorn Science Fiction

Where Did I Get It? Kindly received from NetGalley for review. Available on Amazon (follow link above)

Summary (from Goodreads): A burnt and half-eaten Megalodon shark corpse is found beached. A priest commits suicide. A previously unknown volcano rises from the China Sea and brings about a tsunami that destroys Shanghai. Yellowstone erupts after 640,000 years of silence. A pit in Nicaragua known as the “mouth of hell” begins violently spewing lava.

When reporter Mick Cathcart and marine biologist Agnes Brach set out looking for answers, they never expected to stumble upon the biblical end times. Yet when sharks made of molten magma start erupting from the volcanoes to devour everything and everyone in their way, how could they deny it?

With the help of a beleaguered priest and a billionaire industrialist, Mick and Agnes scramble to extinguish the volcanoes and blow away the lava sharks before the whole world burns to a cinder.

Opening Line(s):

It sensed it before seeing it.


My Review: If you open this book expecting horror and science fiction of a serious nature then you are going to be seriously disappointed and hate it, however if you are wanting a fast-paced romp through a hellish apocalypse of amusing lava-shark related proportions then you will love it.

Much like the films that are of a similar nature, the overall storyline of this can only really be described as a bit silly. Sentient lava in the form of giant lava sharks that don’t particularly adhere to the laws of physics rapidly melting the Earth and everything on it into a puddle of ash is never going to be serious and inevitably leads to a few moments of giggling at someone being eaten/melted in a comically ridiculous way every ten pages or so. That said, it is very good silliness.

It keeps on throwing more situations at the wide cast of characters and they behave in believable human ways that make you fond of them even if you don’t much like their personalities. There is intrigue and mystery as everyone tries to figure out a way to halt the ever flowing lava and save the Earth as well as desperation, despair and tragedy.

I will confess to even shedding a couple of tears at tense moments – the power of playing on emotions and parent-child bonds is used with prowess – as well as laughing out loud and actually face-palming at the odd idiot moment.

I really, really enjoyed this book in the same way as I enjoy ‘popcorn’ movies that don’t require me to do anything but kick back and enjoy the show. I was a bit unsure at first but three chapters in and I was hooked, it was good fun and delivered exactly what the title promised cleverly and wittily without taking itself too seriously.

I’m actually quite curious about where the series will go next…

My Rating: 4/5*

The Film You Can Quote Best

This is the one I bet everybody said would be my favourite film. It is one of my very favourites and I do know every single line word for word – Arthur is not far behind me on the love either, or Tori.

The Lion King is a classic that I am never going to get tired of no matter how many times I have to watch it back to back three times a day.

A Film That Reminds You Of Your Past

When I was younger I went to a youth group called Shell Club at my church and a couple of times we had sleepovers in the church hall. I remember we used to watch a couple of films in the evening and one of the ones we watched was Free Willyand I haven’t been able to watch it since without feeling like I’m sitting on the concrete-hard, itchy green carpeted floor in the dark with my friends.

108aOnce again this year I had the honour of representing the volunteers of the Virgin Money London Marathon at the evening Awards Ceremony and as always seeing these people who had just a few hours ago run 26.2 miles faster than I can make and decorate 30 cupcakes was amazingly inspirational.

109aWe detoured on our way home to visit our friends and Caius’s dad for catch ups and I made friends with this pretty lady after stealing her chair and rather quickly becoming her cushion.

110aMore catching up today but this time with my blog – it’s the first time I’ve had my laptop open for days.

111aBeautiful sunshine today inspired me to wear a dress but I had to buy new shoes after walking to Liberty’s house and my old ones literally ripped me to bloody shreds – didn’t fancy our planned walk without buying some new footwear and I really quite like these comfy, cheap and cheerful ones I ended up with.

112aThe Smalls are home hello chaos…

113aCaius had the day off work today so we decided to enjoy the sunshine with the Smalls and headed off to visit Dearnford lake to stretch our legs and explore the walk around the lake. Having swum in this lake last year I can say I much prefer walk around the outside of it in the sunshine, even if Tori did refuse to remove her woolly bobble hat all day and ended up really suffering from the heat.

114aMy little girl is a reluctant writer most of the time so when today she told me and my Mum that she was going to do some colouring in we were amazed when she came back in clutching this poem she had written all by herself.

In translation:

‘Can a House eat a mouse,

Can a mouse eat a House,

Can a parrot eat a carrot standing on his head.

Can a carrot eat a parrot,

Can a dog eat a log,

Can a pillow eat a willow

Can a willow eat a pillow

Eat a pillow.’

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A Film That Reminds You Of Somewhere

Jurassic Park III reminds me of Aberystwyth in Wales as I watched it there whilst on holiday with a friend from Guides. It is both the only time I have experienced a cinema where they stopped for an interval mid-film and the only time I have properly screamed at a film. The screaming was less to do with the actual film and more to do with the lads behind us that had seen it before and kept pushing the backs of our seats/poking us whenever things jumped out and scaring us witless.

A Film That Reminds You Of Someone

Actually a contender for least favourite film, Pathfinder is 99 minutes of weird, unintelligible, blue filtered Viking oddness. I first watched it with my boyfriend of the time after his film-buff brother recommended it and boy did we give him an ear bashing after we’d endured it. We then decided to play a trick on our housemate Dave and convinced him that it was utterly amazing and made him watch it too – unfortunately we both failed to make our escapes and ended up having to watch it a second time. It didn’t get any better but it was funny watching Dave try to find a way of voicing his opinion without insulting us after it finished until we could keep our faces straight no longer and admitted we thought it was awful too.

A Film You Watch To Feel Down

I cry at everything (no, really – just ask Liberty or Caius) so I can watch pretty much any film for a cry. One I pick up if I am really in the mood for a good old cry session is, of course, Land Before Time.

Seriously, anyone who can watch that without welling up has no heart *sniffle*


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