Fiction and Poetry

Quick links to pieces of my own fiction and poetry.


Lyall And Tahni Short Stories –YA Fantasy

Sudden Changes

Testing The Waters


Other Short Stories

Something PreciousHorror Short Story

I’ll Give You My Heart – Valentine’s Day Horror Short Story

Becoming Human – A not-quite-so-short Short Story about the Seven Deadly Sins

The Music BoxA Horror/Adult Fiction/Erotica Short Story (yes, I managed to squish that lot into under 3000 words…)

Saying Goodbye: A Zombie Romance Part I – A story where I tried to make dating a zombie socially acceptable…

Saying Goodbye: A Zombie Romance Part II

Saying Goodbye: A Zombie Romance Part III

Flash Fiction

Sunburn A 300 word story

Remembering – A 104 word story

Growing Up A 105 word story


Forever Grandma

Too Much Love

Fame – A Villanelle

Never Enough

Go To Sleep, My Little One

Family Of Four

Not Alone

Tears For An Angel

A Poem For Kathryn (written when I was 9)

Mother vs Chav

Ward 26A Villanelle

Lost, Found and Lost Again


London Marathon 2013


Arthur Harry

Facing The Beast – A Prose Poem

A Fine Disregard For Awkward Facts

Other Fiction

The Barn –An emotive writing exercise

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