Lessons In Life

Lessons In Life #40

Lesson #40 If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back. Yet another case of better the devil you know. Everyone worries about different things – but everyone worries. When it comes right down to it, everyone would rather be worried about what they know. Life is…… Continue reading Lessons In Life #40

Lessons In Life

Lessons In Life #37

Lesson #37 Your children only get one childhood. This doesn’t mean let them have every toy in the toyshop and every sweet on the shelf. It does mean let them grow up and learn in an environment of love, laughter and freedom. Let them explore their world themselves whenever it’s safe, let them play in…… Continue reading Lessons In Life #37

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Lessons In Life #36

Lesson #36 Growing old beats the alternative – dying young. It is heartbreaking when babies die. It is heartbreaking when children die. It is heartbreaking when young people die. Of course it is heartbreaking when anyone dies, but it is less so when you at least have the reassurance that they lived a full and…… Continue reading Lessons In Life #36