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Tori’s Choice Thursday #1

Every other Thursday I am going to do a feature/review of what book(s) my daughter, Tori, currently favours either to read, listen to or both. This is partly to share what books are popular with her age group and partly for me to keep and share a record of her ‘reading’ loves. I know this is a bit of a diversion from my usual genre and audience but indulge me 🙂

This week Tori turned 11 months old and she has two books that she is constantly pulling off her bottom shelf in the living room all by herself. They are I love the farm from Priddy Books and Under The Sea from Igloo Books Ltd.

I Love The Farm

This board book is big, bright and bold – no doubt why Tori picks it out on the shelf from amongst the others there.

All 20 pages have bright backgrounds filled with clear and engaging photographs of animals, vehicles and foods that are found on and around farms – everything from cows and rats to combine harvesters and potatoes.

The text is bold and fun with words highlighted in different colours and in wavy lines as well as straight. Engaging and exciting for her to follow for, even though she can’t read, I have watched her trace the lines of text with her finger as if she is following a trail. Short, rhyming phrases inform without being dull and it is full of all the expected ‘Woof woof!’s and ‘Quack quack!’s so you can have fun making the noises as Baby points out the pictures and words.

An Easter present from my sister, I love the farm is a very welcome addition to Tori’s library and one I would strongly recommend to any Mum out there with a young child.

Under The Sea

Under The Sea is described on the cover as ‘A push-pull-turn and lift book!’ and I couldn’t describe it better myself.

Through a simple but charming story about the sea creatures planning a surprise birthday party for their friend, Whale, this bold board book encompasses everything from shapes and colours through to basic numbers and opposites. All with the added excitement of flaps to lift and chunky sliding sections on every page which although Tori is still to young to manage on her own, she loves to watch me move and reveal the new pictures. Indeed she often squeaks with joy as I repeatedly move the same slider up and down playing a mini game of peekaboo.

As she gets older this book will provide a fun way to learn her shapes etc and the sturdy structure of the ‘moving’ parts will ensure that the interactive element of the book and the joy that brings dos not diminish over time.

Under the Sea is another book I highly recommend to anyone with a young child – it brings my daughter endless joy and that, in my mind, is recommendation enough.

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