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Tori’s Choice Thursday #2

Tori’s favourite bed time books this last couple of weeks have been of the touchy-feely variety: That’s Not My Penguin and Playtime With Woof.

I got both of these before she was even born and have read them to her regularly, however she has only just discovered the real joy of the touchy bits and now it’s a challenge to get her to put them down!

That’s Not My Penguin is part of the Usborne ‘Touchy-Feely Books’ series (Titles include many other ‘That’s not my …’ to suit all tastes!) and is a sturdy board book with bold pictures.

Every page has at least one, and sometimes two, touchy-feely sections and the text describes it simply but in a way that’s still entertaining. Even the penguin on the front cover has a fuzzy tummy!

If, like me, you are an old hat at Usborne books and love to hunt for the little yellow duck then I am sorry to say he doesn’t feature in this particular story. There is a mouse to spot on every page instead though, so all is not lost. I must admit that I do miss the duck but that’s just me being silly and sentimental!

Playtime With Woof is part of the Bloomsbury Publishing PLC ‘Woof Touch-and-Feel’ series.

It follows Woof the dog as he spends a day playing outside. It has delightful rhyming text that’s easy to say and fun to listen it. Every page has something different to look at and touch – shiny water, sparkly, bumpy sandcastles and fluffy clouds.

Tori particularly likes the sandcastle and often turns back the page when I try to read on past it. She grins at the sight of the front cover and usually spends a minute or so squishing the spongy red ball on the front before we start reading.

Tori loves to sit and play with these books in her cot, opening and closing them and stroking the pages, always with a smile on her face. They are robust enough to survive her not-so-gentle handling and interactive without the risk of her tearing off flaps or ripping pop-up sections.

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